Japanese Pastel NAGOMI Art

What is ”Japanese Pastel NAGOMI Art”?

Do you think you are NOT creative?

Does just the thought of creating art stress you out?

Do you lack confidence in learning how to draw?

Then Japanese`Harmony`Art is perfect for you!


It's simple!

It's fun!

It's colourful!

It's empowering!!


Let Harmony Art bring Harmony back into your life.


Join me my art class.

Pastel 和(NAGOMIArthad started in Japan.

Nagomi means `Harmony`…

Pastel 和(NAGOMIArtis a simple, hands on technique that is easy

to learn using colourful pastel powders.

It is so simple, that even `non-artists` and children can easily learn.

This art is a powerful healing modality that can assist us in healing

our inner fears and remove out blocks around out creativity.

With my experience guidance and encouragement, I will teach you

step-by-step how to create beautiful worlds of Art that you will be proud of!

Dou you remember when you were a child how free you were creating art?

Japanese Pastel 和(NAGOMI Art can help you to feel that joy and

happiness that you felt as a child!

You CAN feel confident creating art that you would be happy to show others or

even give to friends and family!

If you are a therapist and would like to help your clients heal their creative

`blocks`, Japanese Pastel Art is certainly an opportunity for you too.

My Plofile



I was born in Japan .

For five years I worked as an Occupational therapist in Japan.

When I came to know pastel art, I was surprised that it's so easy and yet the end product is very beautiful. My passion is to bring happiness to people with my gifts and talents.

This art being therapeutic makes us happy and can heal our emotional wounds.

In the future, I'd like to run a guest house where I can offer this kind of art class. I wanted to study English for a long time and go overseas so finally I am here in Australia. I have been running a pastel painting class in Sydney.



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